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Rhizomes are a type of horizontal, underground stem that  grow roots to help support and nourish the plant, while also sending up shoots to spur new growth above the ground.

This distinctive design from nature perfectly metaphorizes how we see our work: strengthening the foundational roots of a company while
nourishing shoots for growth.


In all our projects, whether we’re immersed in strategy, scale-up planning, or building corporate culture, we see one holistic organism that flourishes when all processes are anchored and aligned to a strong foundation.

Line art illustration of a rhizome with roots, a bud, a shoot, and a flower growing out of it.
Color overlay of a pink flower coming off a line art rhizome illustration



As our clients grow and evolve, it can be critical to ensure the culture and leadership continue to reflect a core organizational purpose. Our work can help refine stated values, vision, and mission while aligning around these areas through executive coaching, management training, team coaching, and other workshops.

Watercolor overlay of roots growing out of a line art rhizome illustration



In moments of change and innovation, we work with clients to create and refine strategic plans, develop fundraising communications, or build comprehensive data strategies using a variety of tools such as hypothesis-based survey design and impact assessment.

Watercolor overlay of a bud on a line art rhizome illustration



We help clients to engage employees and build organizational culture through a variety of channels, including the planning, production, and facilitation of offsites and onsites, design, distribution, analysis of employee surveys, development of performance management systems, and advising on hybrid and remote work strategies and policies in an ever-changing work landscape.

Watercolor overlay of a shoot of leaves growing out of a line art rhizome illustration



We see opportunity in instances of friction or change. Whether a client needs support around cross-functional optimization, decision-making and accountability, or general change management, we can help identify ways to create buy-in and growth, through facilitated workshops, OKRs and goal setting, or other methodologies.

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Adena is an organizational consultant and executive coach based in New York. She's passionate about connecting people and organizations to their purpose, and working with organizations that are in transition and asking big questions. Adena has 15+ years of experience advising organizations across a diverse range of industries including; life sciences, finance, technology, consumer packaged goods, foundations, and faith-based organizations.  Prior to founding APC, Adena worked in the strategy and operations group at Deloitte Consulting. Adena is on the board of several non-profits in the leadership and policy spaces. She is also a trainer for Resetting the Table, a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening dialogue across conflict. She is a noted lecturer and public speaker and loves facilitating and training for local agencies and communal organizations, as well as college campus groups.  


Adena graduated summa cum laude from York University with a BA in Philosophy and Communications and holds an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business with specializations in Global Business, Strategy, and Leadership & Change.


“Adena has the unique gift of being incredibly strategic, focused and results driven while also being attentive to the human process of change, from individual needs to group dynamics.  Her high emotional intelligence helps her quickly earn the trust of those she works with so that they together can focus on the work at hand. She’s a skilled and strong leader without being heavy handed, and expertly facilitates group processes to move decision makers to actionable and confident decisions. Adena is a delight to collaborate with, a real team player, and works at the highest level of excellence in everything that she does.”


– Chief Learning Officer, Digital Strategy Agency

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